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Training Team ........

The success of  CCEG was due to a core team of senior Instructors  who had been together for many years. All  Instructors had 'hands on' experience of owning and training their own dogs. most have attended  Courses on training, behaviour, instructing and problem solving. All had  a special area of interest in training  so within the team  was a vast amount of knowledge, which was readily shared with  trainee Instructors, class members and anyone seeking help and advice.

- Accredited member of The Kennel Club Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour.
- Member of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour  working towards             accreditation.
Senior Instructors with cceg for 20 or more years.

Vickie   now offers classes at the Impington venue -

I started training dogs in my teens and after attending college and completing a Course in Animal Care, I joined and became a trainer with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I have  29 years hands on dog training experience 26 of these instructing with CCEG. At CCEG21 I currently instruct the beginners and advanced classes and help out with the small dog class as well as deal with enquiries and general running of the club.

I have completed courses on Animal First Aid, Canine Facial Expression and Body Language by 'Think Dog' Co, a certificate with COAPE in Puppy Class Instruction, Canine Body Language Seminar by Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers and Instructors and I am a City & Guilds Level 2 qualified, Veterinary Care Assistant.  I also run my own 121 dog training business, 'The Dog Lady'.

At CCEG 21 I'm lucky enough to have some of the original team with me -

               Pat -                          Jan -                        Sam                            Anjela


Meet the Original CCEG  team 
Mick, Tracey, Jan, Vickie & Pat

Joined in recent  years by Kari, Elaine & Allison




.Tracey had been with us for 26 years  Instructing for 22 years. She has attended Courses on Training, Instructing and Behaviour including 3 five-day Courses 2 of these as a trainer. Haver taken the puppy class at CCEG for 20 years she has helped 1000's of puppies have better owners!! She is an experienced 'hands on' horse and dog person and knowledgeable trainer. Tracey has also completed an Animal First Aid Training Course. Tracey also helped with classes at Haverhill & Caldecote.

Jan - is an Accredited Kennel Club Instructors in Companion Dog Training .. Instructing with CCEG for 22 years with and has attended Courses on Training, Instructing and Behaviour including 4 five-day Courses. She is interested in all areas and methods of training and is a very knowledgeable companion dog trainer. Jan has also completed an Animal First Aid Training Course and ran her own classes called 'Puppysteps' at Cadlecote.

Pat  had been with us for 25 years and instructing for the last 19. She is interested in all areas of training including obedience, agility, tracking,  fun & games. She is an outstanding trainer and compassionate dog person. She has completed an Animal First Aid Training Course and is a non-accredited member of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour. Pat and I also ran puppy classes for Village Vets at Milton and Longstaton.

Kari  BSc Hons, MBA, MCIH.COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist - DipCABT (RQF Level 4) Kari is passionate about dogs and learning why they do what they do. She started attending training classes at CCEG 9 years ago with her Eurasier puppy, socialising him to behave on family outings and, most importantly in the pub. Kari became interested in instructing and joined the team 5 years ago . Kari is working towards a degree qualification with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training and has completed courses on; Dog Training, Aggression, How dogs Learn and Common Behaviour Problems. Kari now has 2 Eurasiers both attending classes most weekends and gradually gaining their KC Good Citizen Awards. Member of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour  working towards accreditation.

Elaine started her involvement with training dogs at 17, with now many years of training behind her (she asked me not to say how many!), her credentials are these years of 'hands on' experience. She has given a home over the years to a number of rescue dogs. She has worked in boarding kennels and is also a dog groomer.  

Allison  only training with us for 2 years at the time I stepped back but already a very talented trainer and inspirational class instructor.

And below other 'real dog' people who over the years helped CCEG be the great club it became  and continues to be as CCEG21


Carol & Alan



Carol & Alan were a very important part of the team  members for 27 years (Carol is now part o and from 2008 took of  the CCEG 21 team)  after the sad loss of Ted  the job of ‘front of house’ helped by from time to time by Jackie and Barbara on training days dealing with adim and welcoming new members. Carol and Alan have given given home to 6 Border Collies all rescue. They attended 2 five day training courses and a Animal  First Aid Course and Carol is a member and trainer for the  Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS)

Anital - Behaviour adviser

Lynne - Ass/Instructor

Martin - Instructor

Sarah - Instructor

Louise - Agility trainer

Anjela - Ass/ Instructor

Michelle - Instructor

Paul - Ass/Instructor

Sam - SD / Instructor