Cambridge Canine Education Group



In Memory of those who have left us

If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven

And bring you home again



Nessa 1
1973 -1984



Nessa 2
 1985 -1995

 Rema 1-



Nessa 3


Feb 2014- Jan 2023
Her calmness, gentleness, zest for life and the kindest and brightest of eyes full of love and fun will always be missed, a life too short

In memory of all my 'kids'

The wind that gave my dogs their first breath also received their last sigh.
At that first breath they had their mothers love and protection.
At that last sigh they had, and had since leaving their mother my love and protection.

They in return gave me their love, friendship, loyalty and spirit of life and in their company helped me taste the wind that is sweetened by the meadow flowers.



 In memory of Border Collies Jasper,Ben & Holly  who taught us far more than we taught them
......Carol & Alan

Ben & Jasper



In memory of Benji (Douglas) a 'one of a kind' dog. Died 5th Nov 2005. I am proud to have had him in my life
....... Pat  



In memory of GSD Sheba (Sept 2007) who after a bad start shared most of her life being
loved & cared for by..... John & Ann.  



In memory of Ted who passed away in March 2008 with his 'old lad' Billy who died in 2007& Meg who left Janet and joined them on 14th July 2008

Ted with Billy & Meg


In memory of GSD Ellie - who had to say goodbye to Tracey on Sunday 12th Oct 2008.
A real 'working girl' with attitude!!



In memory of GSD Kaiser - who left Tracey to join Ellie on Wednesday 5th Sept 2013
A brave, happy boy till the end.



In memory of Flat Coat Bumpers - a really smart 'girl' with style - who was proof that a Flat Coat could be 'trained'! A sad loss to Joyce on the 6th Febraury 2009 at 6 years old.

One friend, who knew Bumpers well, wrote.  'If she has got to doggie heaven
she will probably be in the bins by now!'



In memory of St. Benard -Wandance Little Miss Ruffia  but to those who loved her Gucci -a heartbeat at my side when there was no one else.
Gucci 8th May 2002 - 3rd April 2009



In memory of Cissy who we lost on July 17th 2009. She was such a sweet dog
and is greatly missed. Lorraine, Philip & Victoria.



1995 - 2009

Before you I knew nothing - Because of you I learned - We shared so many happy times - Without you we share tears -Forever in our hearts we'll holdthose 14 lovely years -Thank you Mum & Dad (Martin & Sarah) X

ps. say hi to the boys Tetley& Fingal



Dexter  2003 - 2010

Bred in Horley near Gatwick – joined me when 2 as a rehome. Great swimmer, petty good at training but even better at sweeping mugs off tables, breaking carrier bags full of shopping and turning kitchens into padding pools when drinking!!! All qualities especially the naughty ones sorely missed. Will never find another like him – but I will one day give my heart to another large dog to keep me in the hairy muddy manner to which I have become accustomed...... Charlie



Billy 1995 - 2010

Among our tears and heartache, One thing makes us glad.

That you chose us to share with you, Those precious years we had.

Sam, Jodie & Clyde




 Max 2000 - 2010


Another soul mate gone - that will never be forgotton - wonderful friend to both of us and all who met him - RIP





In memory of Max 2000 - 2011

who had to say goodbye to Sharon on Friday 30th Dec 2011
  My little shadow, such a special boy, gonna miss You!  Sharon XX



Bodger 1998 - 2012

Farewell 'old man'.  My faithful companion for 11 and a half years.  You saw me through many ups and downs and yet always made me smile.  You restored my faith in me as an owner and although drove us nuts with your ability to search out and eat many a piece of lego or jigsaw you have given us many a story to tell. 

Sleep well. xx



Heidi 2004 - 20012. 

So sadly missed by Colin, Jules and Wizard.

 Heidi was a real character, she was a loyal companion and friend to Colin for many years...and her life was far too short.  

 RIP darling Heidi – you’ll live on in our hearts and minds xxx



WIZARD - March 2002 to December 2014

So sad to say that Wizard passed away on Friday 12th December, 2014. He was 12 years old and died of renal failure. He was my 'special' dog, a gentle giant, loved by all he came into contact with. A light went out in my heart on that day, I'm so incredibly sad and miss him terribly. I've so many happy memories but right now I feel overwhelmed by sadness. I know everyone on this site will understand. Goodnight 'Wizzie' I'll love you forever,



Jodie 1989 - June 2012

23 years ago I watched you come in to this world
It's so hard to look in to the field and not see you there
Your sweet and gentle nature, the kindness of your eye
The softness of your pink muzzle that neighed to me everyday.
Thank you for your trust in me, and our special bond that I will treasure year after year

Your spirit will always live on at Blackers Hill Farm




"Grizelda"!  KC Name Poolsway Miss Grizzly Bear
April 2009 - June 2012.

 In her very shorelife, she achieved more than most...passed her bronze, silver, and gold examsby the age of two.  Was brilliant in competition obedience, and qualified for and competed in the semi-final in obedience at Earls Court, at just 2 years of age, and finished 7th overall.  Did various photo-shoots for pet companies. Enjoyed life with her uncle, Yogi Bear, and Ruth's two horses, Dutch Dollar and Ferrari. Competed at Crufts for 3 years, winning her class each year.  "Grizzly was the brightest of the bright.  Now the light has gone from our lives."   Ruth and Yogi Bear 



Dillan - March 2003 - Jan 2013

'In memory of Beautiful Dillan. He was My Boy'

We think Dill was 8 when he came to live with us in March 2011.
he died on Thursday 31st Jan 2013.

With us he gained his Kennel Club Bronze & Silver and only age and illness stopped him trying for his Gold. He was also  Awarded the CCEG Dog of the Month Certificate  in 2012




2006 - 2014

"I'll love you all the way to the end of the stars...and back... and will hold you tight in my heart, forever".





October 2006 - March 2014

In sun and wind and when it's raining, Ben and I were at dog training, We did the 'sit' and 'heel' and sendaway, But now we wish we could do the 'stay', Stay with us a little longer, If only we could have made you stronger, Memories we'll always store, Ben, Our beautiful black Labrador.



1995 - 2014

Those we love don't go away,
they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
still loved. still missed and very dear.

Missed so much by

Kaite, Mable & Fleur



March 2014 - February 2015

A life far too short

sadly stopped breathing while under anesthetic



Don't know his birthdate as he was a rescue. he left me on 6th.august 2007
Unique, rich in character, mischievous,a comedian and wonderful Pets as Therapy Dog. Who put a smile in so many peoples lives. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. Always in my heart…. Christine

GSD Nando




Benji (Douglas)
Nov 2005
A 'one of a kind' dog.  I am proud to have had you in my life

We may not be together

In the way we used to be

But we are still connected by a cord

No eye can ever see

So whenever you need to find us

We're never far apart

If you look beyond the Horizon

And listen to your Heart!



May 2000  - April 2015

Only you can see me swim
in every brook I pass
and when you call, no one but you
will see the bending grass as I race towards your arms





Disney (Walt) (on the right)

Sept 20th 2005 - 10th Dec 2019

One of the kindest dogs I have ever met he Walked beside ME as his Friend!!! A True Gentleman and My Blonde Surfer Dude!! Forever Safe in my Heart with my other Amazing 4 legged Friends!!!!

Rosie (on the left)
June 2006 - 17th Oct 2020

We may not be together

In the way we used to be

But we are still connected by a cord

No eye can ever see

So whenever you need to find us

We're never far apart

If you look beyond the Horizon

And listen to your Heart!


Thank you for your trust in me, and our special bond that I will treasure year after year forever... Pat XXXXX


September 2002 - June 2015
Small dog with a big heart. There are no words to describe how much we miss you. In our thoughts every second of every day.

You were such a great companion
Constant, loyal and true
My heart will always wear,
The paw prints left by you

Gail X

Jake & Shadow

Jake was 14 years in 2012 and Shadow was nearly 15 years in  April 2016 when they left Elaine & Ron.

Giving a rescue dog a new home will not change the world but for those dogs the world will change forever

Freddie 2002-2017

Who will bark at the full moon, the rising sun and the hot air balloons now you are gone, sweet , gentle Freddie? How we will miss the little eccentricities that made you the dog you were.

'I wish that I could turn back time,
I know it cannot be.
If I was granted just one wish,
You'd still be herewith me.

Carol & Alan

GSD Baloo 2002 (appox)-2017

Forever to be remembered, a dog that touched my heart in a few seconds

A life too short

Semper Fi



Border Collie Molly Nov 1998 - May 2014

  GSD Rena Nov 2013 - March 2018

Those we love don't go away,
they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
still loved. still missed and very dear.

Julie XXX

Life of Charlie, 2007 - 2018, 

greatly loved and greatly missed.

Matthew and Esther

Capt Lego 2003 -2018

Lego our clever, funny, determined companion of 15 years. He may have been small in size but his heart and character were massive and we will miss him for ever

Lorraine, Philip & Victoria. XXX

GSD Brady 2002 - 2018

came to me in 2004. A dog with many bad expericences but he was such a loyal and loving companion. No longer in pain - Loved you so much

Bailey 2013-2018

The most gentle and sweetest dog you could meet, you were our best friend.
We had to say goodbye far too soon but know that you’ll be busy stealing shoes and running on the beach wherever you are now.

Our special boy who stole our hearts, we miss you every day.

Leon and Angela

GSD Trevor

Dec 2016 - 2018

At 18 months due to a short and sudden illness the family lost their lovely lad

A life far too short

Louis July 2003 - July 2018 You and Jack were precious beyond words. You were such a dear little character, tiny but mighty and enjoyed going to training for a little bit of agility but mainly for the cheese! You visited a dementia home for a while and faces lit up to see you. Always in my heart.


Jack  Sept 2008 - Sept 2018 You and Louis were precious beyond words. You were so clever and so funny, I've never known a dog enjoy laughter as much as you did when you played the clown. I was so proud of you getting your Gold award. You loved going to training and going to pubs! Always in my heart.


Bryn 2002 - 2018

Jan rehomed this 'bit of a lad' at round 18 months in Jan's guiding hands he went on to earn all his

Kennel Clubs Awards, CCEG Platinum Award,

CCEG Brave Heart Award and CCEG Life Time Achievement

more than this he was very special  to Jan and the instructors of CCEG and will be sadly missed

  He was my dear old friend.
My lovely boy


Winnie Dec 2017 – Nov 2019

 In memory of a beloved friend who bought joy to so many and lived life to the full...

  Winnie, oh Winnie, where to start? It is safe to say you'll forever be in our hearts.

You loved to play and were full of fun, with ears flapping you'd chase and run,

You loved to snooze and rest your head, on chairs, on floors, or sometimes on a bed,

You loved your food, especially treats, and you always knew if there was cooking meat,

We did our best to care for you: we brushed your teeth and fur each night, we'd tickle your tum and then let you curl up tight,

It was a life too short, but full of love... rest in peace little one, in your home above.

Claire, Alison

& the rest of Winnie's Family



January 2013 - November 2019
Our beautiful boy Merlin
You brought so much into our lives and family.
And you was loved by everyone you met.
Always in our thoughts and heart.

Mum, Dad, Kaylie and all your fur friends

Sasha & BB (2007-2019)

So this is where we part my friends
And you'll go on around the bend
Gone from sight but not from mind
New pleasures there we hope you'll find
Your place we'll hold, you'll both be missed
The fur we stroked, the nose we kissed
And as you journey to your final rest
Take this with you, we loved you best xx

GSD Cheekah 2009 - 2019

Due to illness after just over a year enjoying a loving home life and the best time of her life.

The most gentle and sweetest 'girl'  you could meet, you were our best friend.
We had to say goodbye far too soon, love always
Eric & Chris


GSD King at Iolanda 2008 - Dec 2019

A brave, happy boy till the end.

I am honored to have known you,

that wagging tail those sparkling eyes

made every day special

GSD Hawan 2014 - Feb 2020

A life far too short. and too soon to leave
Allison & James

You were such a great companion
Constant, loyal and true
Our hearts will always wear,
The paw prints left by you

Callie Divawitch

5th Dec 2005 - 4th May 2020

“The world would be a nicer place
if everyone had the ability
to love as unconditionally
as a dog.”

Anjela, Tom and the rest of the crew xxxx


Feb 2008 - Oct 2020

Our precious and frendly little man
was always a puppy to us and will be loved and missed forever.

Philip, Lorriane and Victoria xxx

In Memory of a very brave lady sadly no longer with us pictured with Olive a very full on pup but when entering the room or in the company of this lady showed a calmness, understanding and compassion that should make everyone stop and think about what animals do understand and  are aware of and how much we owe them x



GSD Perry

25th Sept 2013 - 18th May 2021

It is with great sadness and shock that after a sudden illness Tracey's GSD Perry was PTS  only 7  it was a life far too short but that short life was lived to the full.

A founder member of the 'Crew' he will be remembered always with love by us all


Boxer Jackson

13th Aug 2011 - 24th May 2021

  His mission in life seemed to be finding something dead, preferably long dead, and eating it, remember the rabbit on the field?  He had deer, rabbits, a badger, a rotting fish and even a swan's neck, oh happy days! 


Training was a big part of both our lives and my pride, not to mention astonishment, when he was awarded Dog of the Year has never been equalled.


Was PTS on Monday 24th May  He'd not been himself for a few days and a scan showed a tumour in his heart wall, aggressive, fast growing and non-treatable, so the kindest thing I could do was to let him go.  He spent the afternoon at the vets, the vet nurses giving him chocolate, biscuits, and I believe sharing their lunch with him.  I sat with him in the gardens there while the vet gave him the injection and he slipped gently and peacefully away.

remembered always with love by us all xxx

Eurasier Sheba & Boulie

Sebra  2011 -  March 2022

Boulie 2009 - June 2024

When you feel a little lonely

And all you want is us

Just place a hand upon your heart

And you know that's where we will be.

Much missed by

Kari & Steve  xx


Little Floozy Maddie

said Goodbye on

31st March 2022 after 17 years

“I loved you your whole life. I’ll miss you for the rest of mine”

Charley XX

GSD Monty

Nov 7th 2019 - May 29th 2022

In Memory of a very brave lad who had a life too short but enjoyed his life to the full thanks to Callie for keeping him in his place, Boo for being his best mate and Anjela and Tom for love, care and attention to his needs.



Staff/Lab/Collie Cross  Daisy 2007 - 2022

Her expertise was giving confidence to other dogs and little fosters from Puppy Farms

I will miss her funny little dancing moves and her lovely nature to all


Poppy 2007 - July 2022

From roaming the streets of Spain with your brother BB in 2008, to you both coming to live with us in 2009.

Our first agility dog, steady and reliable, taking us to the 7th in the KC Starters Cup Final at the ExCel in 2015.

Run free across the Campo with your brother. Hasta Luego Poppy, what a life we shared; Marmite on toast at breakfast will never be the same again xxx Martin and Sarah


'The Governor'

GSD Iolanda Rocky

July 2008 - July 2022

A life time in kennels but with lots of outings to shows, lots of 'girl friends' and ever more 'kids'!! In his last couple of years he recovered from two strokes and withstood a heat wave and just battled on, a strong life lived to the full

His last 3 weeks were sent with Steve and his family in a lovely kennel and a beautiful garden he wandered about in all day (with his latest girlfriend Asia) doing what all dogs should have the joy of.

He lived a long Strong life and was always respected by the younger males -

'The Governor'

Alan & Rocky's son Rema XX

GSD Austin

8th Sept 2012 - 2nd Sept 2020

Another life too short.

Our sadnes is the price we pay for love

and it is always worth it.


GSD Kaylie

8th June 2011 - 14th June 2023

Our dear Kaylie loved and missed

Mary & Tich



 1st Feb 2015 - 24th Oct 2023

A very brave and clever little 'boy' who will be sorely missed and be forever in our hearts

Natalie, Lloyd, Pedro and his best friend Charlie

Sleep well our little hero xxx

GSD Ruby

4th April 2012 - 3rd Nov 2023

"Forever young Ruby"

Came with the biggest heart

and has left a huge hole

so loved


Forever in the hearts of those who love and miss you.




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