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On Thursday 27 April 2017 (the 2nd anniversary of Lucky's death - a special dog with a working attitude) we revisited The Ladybower Reservoir. This was a place Lucky visited with Disney on her last holiday in September 2013.

While there Disney decided to get in touch with his inner puppy (he's 11 1/2 years). He had a little sing and ran in and out of the water, sticking his head under the water retrieving things. Hasn't bothered swimming for a while.

After I towel dried Disney in the car park he got hold of his lead and obviously wanted me to go with him. I let him lead me and after walking a little way he slowed down, got in a queue behind a group of 4, sat down in line and dropped his lead. He had queued up for an ice cream. After a few 'ooos and ahhs' the girl offered him a free ice cream. He politely licked it and shared it with Rosie and Button.

I know it's a funny little story but considering he hadn't been there in 3 1/2 years, he couldn't see the opening in the wall (selling coffees etc), nobody had mentioned ice cream or was eating one, had he remembered having one back in 2013!!!! I like to think he did. Really wish I had a video of it. If you keep your eyes open you may see him lead me to the sausage roll table at training. 





This scheme follows the success of adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) to the phone book of your mobile (cell) phone, launched in the UK by East Anglian ambulance service paramedic Bob Brotchie. The idea being you store the word ICE in your mobile (cell) phone with the number of the person you would want contacted in a crisis situation.

We would like to adapt Bob's idea to help our dogs (or other pets) in the case of an accident out or in the home where the owner is incapacitated and/or where the owner is unable to make their wishes known. The person called would be a person able to care and take responsibility for the animal's welfare.

Our choice is to adopt and encourage others to add to their mobile (cell) phone book PET# followed by the number of the person who would take care and responsibility etc for our dog or other pet animal.

PET# standing for

Pet Emergency Telephone Number (#).

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