Cambridge Canine Education Group


CCEG offered Puppy Socialising and Basic Training
to Advance Companion Dog Training.

CCEG21 continues on the same foundations of  the best of 'old school training' with the best of modern up to date thinking of methods.

The aim of a  Puppy, & Beginners Class should be to help you train your dog in all the basic control exercises needed to have a well-mannered companion dog.

Each Classes should aim to help you learn and progress with teaching your dog to -

Sit - Lay Down - Stand - Walk to Heel - Recall to Owner - Sit and Down Stay

A Junior Class should offer the chance to learn additional practical & fun things

to teach your dog while at the same time advancing the basic control exercises.

The Intermediate Classes offers the chance to learn more advance ' Control Obedience' exercises

plus fun things for your dog to learn and enjoy.

In a mixed breed club a Small Dog Class we found was popular which Tracey and Pat and later taken over by Sam  started offering on a Saturday with a little obedince, agility, fun and games without larger dogs intimidating them or their owners!!!!


Made you wonder? then take a look at the training videos at see pups and dogs training from 5 weeks to 11 years and see how happy they look


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