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Are you looking for a Dog Trainer/Instructoror a Dog Behaviourist?

Dog Trainers/Instructors – Offer, often in group/class sessions – methods and advice on how to train towards teaching the dog certain actions/behaviours like Sit – Walking to Heel – and Coming Back when Called etc.
Trainers/Instructors often have many years of ‘hands on’ experience and will therefore often be able to help and advise on Behaviour problems and recognise when 1 to 1 help is needed
Dog Behaviourists – Offer, normally 1 to 1 – methods of modification to change or stop behaviour that is already occurring by looking back at what has or may have caused it.
Many (but not all) Behaviourists have studied ethology and/or cynology at University/Collage level to gain the knowledge and experience to offer modification programs.
So, although there is differences between the role of the Trainer/Instructor and the Behaviourists the work they do will and does often overlap – so both normally will have an understanding of each others expertise.    

Dogs with what may be considered 'behaviour problems' are seen on Saturdays. Before attending please phone Alan to discuss the problem.

Remember that what you consider a problem may only be so; because of the way you expect your dog should behave or a normal trait of the breed you have chosen.

A dog that has adequate mental and physical exercise is normally happy and contented and will likely spend most of the day resting - not chewing, barking, digging, escaping or destroying things and therefore far less likely to have 'behaviour problems'

For certain and/or sudden changes in behaviour a health check by your vet is advisable before seeking help from a behaviourist

Help, Advice on Behaviour Problems

Kari Greaves BSc Hons, MBA, MCIH. BSc Hons, MBA, MCIH. COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist - DipCABT (RQF Level 4)
and is also a member of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Behaviour  working towards accreditation.
Kari instructs classes with cceg and is an Education Volunteer with the Blue Cross animal charity and visit schools with my dog Shaba giving talks on Dog Safety.

To Contact Kari please email her at


Private 1 to 1 Trainng and Behaviour Management

Donna Notley is a very experienced and knowledgeable owner and trainer of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. She has been rescuing them for the last 20 years. Her late father Stanley Notley rescued and re-homed dogs but specialized and had a love for German Shepherds, so dogs have been a continuous part of her life. Because of this experience she has a natural approach to training and outstanding ability to deal with behaviour problems and its management. She currently has two dogs both rescued Staffie's - Kane who was rescued from London where he was believed to be held ready to use for fighting - he now has his Kennel Club Gold Award, works all the advance obedience exercises and is an Ambassador of his breed.The Kitty who has gained her Kennel Club Bronze Award and is ready to take her Silver and Gold.

Dog Walks

Regular group walks for owners and their dogs take place.These offer the chance for dogs to socialize, exercise and play and for owners to get the benefit of Donna's vast expreince on training and behaviour managemnt.

To contact Donna for more information email -


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